System changes and updates to the site hardware and software that  might be of interest. Think of it as a change log.

14/03/2019 – I woke up to a machine that was running but not updating the web site, due to a local restart. That would be the restart that should never happen…

13/03/2019 – The site went past the 5000 visitors mark today, so thankyou everyone that visits binbrook-weather, it is your interest alone that keeps this site alive.

04/03/2019 – MSL calibration  -12.7mbar

04/03/2019 – Monthly stat added

02-03-2019 – Another restart during the night so I ran the full update and restarted manually, let see how things go…

01/03/2019 – A random restart overnight again, no idea why as the EVT logs show nothing. That is not good as the Dell box could be on the way out.

14/02/2019 – The AV forced a restart and I missed it. This morning, hopefully I have corrected the auto-restart issues and the weather station logging should start without interaction in the event of a forced restart.

12/02/2019 – MSL calibration +10.0mbar

07/02/2019 –  MSL calibration -5.5mbar

28/01/2019 – Monthly Stats format revised with additional data.

25/01/2019 – There I was skipping around yesterday because I had seen 35 ish days uptime (Well it is Windows 10 Pro!) This evening I spotted it had restarted, reasons unknown and failed to start the necessary services to start the feed to the web site…. On a plus side no data was lost as the data logger is a separate device and it just kept on storing and trying to dump to the Win10 box.

I am thinking of storing data on a local SQL machine if I have the nerve as it is years since I strayed near an SQL server and it did not end well on a couple of occasions (On one occasion I was working on an AS400 and also managed to kill the connection to a couple of thousand users so probably not a good idea to mention it to IBM even after all these years!)

24/01/2019 – I have started publishing historical data in the form of a monthly highs and lows page covering temperature, rainfall, sunshine and wind at the start of the following month. The information will be linked from the front page of the site.

About tab removed from front page as it was a duplication of the main page.

24/01/2019 –  MSL calibration -5.8mbar

25/12/2018 –  MSL calibration +10.8mbar

21/12/2018 –  MSL calibration -2.0mbar

21/12/2018 – Downed by the AV again. Running the station on a Windows 10 box is a problem as it is not really geared up for running for weeks on end without a restart. I am tempted to either look at Linux again and maybe even a little Raspberry Pi. It is the Christmas break now for us so I have a few days to consider my options. I would be happy with most platforms as long as they have acceptable uptime which to me is >120 days without restarts

19/12/2018 – Local calibration of MSL pressure -4.9 mbar.

13/12/2018 – Bizarrely the pressure is actually correct with no real evidence of drift at the moment.

13/12/2018 – An enforced outage caused by the AV that should not force a restart doing just that and going unnoticed for 12 hours.

06/12/2018 – Local calibration of MSL pressure +4.3 mbar.  I am trying to understand the variances and see if their is a mean point, time to start a spreadsheet.

29/11/2018 – Local calibration of MSL pressure -7.0 mbar. My old Grannies barometer is better than this electronic thing 🙁

27/11/2018 – Grit in the rain meter caused issues again, hopefully now resolved.

20/11/2018 – I noticed the rain meter was not reading, this was down to a blocked strainer/filter so something to keep an eye on in the future.

15/11/2018 – Local calibration of MSL pressure +5.8 mbar.

14/11/2018 – Restart, thank you Microsoft.

06/11/2018 – Server problems downed the front page for around 12 hours, apparently a file had gone missing…

30/10/2018 – UTC time updated on live weather page.

26/10/2018 – Local calibration of MSL pressure -6.2 mbar. It is still drifting and I do wonder if the error is temperature related. I will continue to investigate the issue…

18/10/2018 – Local calibration of MSL pressure +11.08 mbar. Time to look at a new pressure sensor by the look of it as this one seems to drift somewhat.

14/10/2018 – Rain meter filter cleaned. Which involved me getting wet to confirm it was raining…

14/10/2018 – Local calibration of MSL pressure -3.08 mbar.

10/10/2018 – System restart, thank you Microsoft.

20/09/2018 – There was a slowing down of the site around midday due to host server issues. It seemed to straighten itself out before the hosting company had even got to it so hopefully the impact was minor to the site users.

17/09/2018 – The 1000 visits mark was hit today so thank you to everyone who is taking an interest in our local weather 🙂

08/09/2018 – Some minor tweaks to the data logger including new comms cabling which meant downing the system for a short period which in turn broke today’s sunshine hours and a gap in rain data, this will reset at midnight and normality will be resumed. My view is just assume zero sunshine hours for the day… On a plus side the system is about where I would like it to be so hopefully entries to the change log will be fewer now.

06/09/2018 – Temperature Day/Month/Year charts correctly scaled. (Many thanks Brian)

03/09/2018 – The power socket for the data logger has also now been clearly marked…

03/09/2018 – Outage due to my Anti Virus killing the machine network connection which is really annoying. Hopefully I have resolved the issue now.

26/08/2018 – Interactive weather maps page added.

25/08/2018 – Local calibration of MSL pressure +3 mbar.

19/08/2018 – I have moved the graphical weather page to Binbrook Weather (Live) and have renamed it to better reflect what it actually shows, location is still top left of the home page.

18/08/2018 – The issues with Wetbulb logging are now resolved and the humidity calculations are correct which means the Dewpoint calculations are also now correct and accordingly, the weather prediction is also more accurate. (Top right of the first row for those of you not using mobile devices)

18/08/2018 – Ongoing Wetbulb/Humidity calibration of system will mean some outages of real time temperature logging around midday.

16/08/2018 – Live weather data row two, field 3 constantly shows Misty Fog conditions, this is due to the live data collection error with humidity and will be resolved hopefully 19/08/2018, update to be confirmed.

16/08/2018 – The monitoring system refuses to run as planned so I will continue the old fashioned way by checking frequently and meanwhile, see if I can come up with a worthwhile solution.

15/08/2018 – The application (CumulusMX) which generates real time data uploaded to this this site fell over yesterday evening (14/08/2018) and as a consequence the weather service was down for around 3 hours. I have added a monitoring system that will keep an eye on things and automatically restart CumulusMX if it stops again. Additionally the machine will restart at 00:00 hrs daily. This will not impact historical data however the weather page will not be updated for a short while whilst the restart is happening.